Interview in the European News Agency, May 2009

Kyle Schmid created Henry Fitzroy
from: Renate Schiffmann

A young actor has finally left the "dark side" represented by minor roles and less important movies; and now he is heading for the light. This may sound strange, because the tool of his increasing popularity is an almost 500 year old vampire. Kyle Schmid has worked as an actor since 1996, but one role changed everything.

Playing Henry Fitzroy, handsome vampire and writer of graphic novels

Henry Fitzroy, vampire and bastard son of Henry VIII, is one of the three main characters in "Blood Ties", the TV show based on the Victoria Nelson series of books by Tanya Huff. A half-blind private investigator, Victoria Nelson, teams up with him, and together they solve cases that involve supernatural powers. The third main character is Detective-Sergeant Mike Celluci, Vicky 's ex-partner, who works for the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. In the end he has to face the fact that there are two worlds outside his office. The real world and a hidden one populated with demons and monsters.

Henry Fitzroy – a vampire with extraordinary skills

Kyle Schmid created Henry Fitzory, and his performance deals with some aspects that are not part of the typical vampire business. His noble vampire has a sense of humour, he shows mercy and wisdom. He is compassionate and vulnerable; he is definitely not the kind of bloodsucker like Count Dracula.

Henry Fitzroy cannot be harmed by garlic or silver crosses. On the contrary, he is religious. In the 1960s Count Dracula didn't think about being religious; just being evil was his top priority. The times they are changing, and Henry Fitzroy has become a hero who can control the dark side of his nature.

Kyle Schmid – a young actor with promising career opportunities

Kyle Schmid is a talented actor, and Henry Fitzroy was the key role that made everything possible. Fans will always remember his outstanding performance, even when they read the "Blood books". They will recognize, only one actor is the perfect choice for the job. Kyle Schmid has turned a literary character into a "real person".

He has shown a lot of potential, and there is no doubt: He will succeed in pushing his career to a higher level. Only a few artists achieve this goal. The late Heath Ledger was one of them. It is sad that he passed away, but who will become his successor? Kyle Schmid could be the perfect guy to bridge the gap.

People in the movie business will notice his special abilities. Kyle Schmid should be offered more important roles in the future, not only the ones for heartthrobs or young students in horror movies. That would be a complete waste of talent.

Many new fans have chosen him as their favourite actor, and he gained a great portion of popularity. That may be the reason why Kyle Schmid will be one of the guest stars at the FrightCon, the first German horror convention. This event will take place at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn (July 31st to August 2nd, 2009)*. It is obvious that Kyle Schmid's appearance will be very impressive.

Source: European News Agency

*Note from the webmaster:
Kyle will be a guest star at the Ringcon from October 2 - 4th, 2009, in Bonn. Frigthcon was cancelled.