Schmid thirsty to make his mark

Befanged Kyle Schmid is the illegitimate son of Henry VIII in the series Blood Ties
By BILL HARRIS -- Sun Media

At no point during his youth did Kyle Schmid think he would make a pretty good vampire.
"I had grown up watching some of the movies, and I totally loved them, but I never looked at myself as being remotely vampiric," said Schmid, a Mississauga, Ont., native who plays a vampire in the new City-TV series Blood Ties.

So, Schmid never found himself awake and oddly thirsty at four o'clock in the morning?
"Well, we all have our needs," Schmid replied with a laugh. "What can I say?"

Coincidentally, critics have been saying quite a bit about the Canadian-made Blood Ties since its U.S. debut on the Lifetime network in March.
"I'm looking forward to seeing what my family and friends think," said Schmid, who has moved to Los Angeles but was back in Ontario for a few weeks this month.
"It's too bad City-TV didn't piggy-back on Lifetime's advertising campaign, since we even did centrefolds for People magazine in the States. But at the same time it's kind of surreal, because it's like it's coming out again."

For the record, City-TV indicated that its decision to delay the Canadian debut of the dark and sexy Blood Ties until now (tonight in Toronto and Winnipeg, Thursday in Calgary and Edmonton, and a week from tomorrow in Vancouver) simply had to do with the intricacies of scheduling.
"Competing against the bigger U.S. and Canadian networks can prove difficult and because we believe Blood Ties is such a strong series, we wanted to launch it at a time when it could receive maximum promotional attention," said Ellen Baine, VP of programming. "Other networks have had major successes with summer launches and we're hoping to do the same with Blood Ties."

Space also will start airing Blood Ties next month. But regardless of where and when you see it, Schmid is confident you'll like it.
Set in Toronto and taped in Maple Ridge, B.C., Blood Ties -- which is based on a series of novels by Tanya Huff -- also stars Christina Cox and Dylan Neal. Schmid, who turns 23 later this month, plays a 450-year-old vampire who is the illegitimate son of Henry VIII.
"I think I probably took different things from different characters," said Schmid, referring to other portrayals of vampires he has seen on TV and in movies through the years.
"In Interview With the Vampire, Brad Pitt was vulnerable at times with the way he loved and the way he felt. The part of humanity he was holding onto is what made him vulnerable, and I really appreciated and really liked that."
"That transition from man to monster, and wanting to hold onto that humanity despite the consuming basic instinct at that point, has to be difficult. And with the temper and the frustration, you know, it's all so cool."

Notably, Schmid also called upon a family member for stylistic inspiration.
"I pulled from my grandfather a little bit, because he's kind of a James Bond-ish, suave gentleman who brings to mind the 1960s and 1970s, mysterious, very smooth and very controlled," Schmid said. "That's my mom's dad. He's a cool cat."
"But he's not a vampire."

Are you sure, Kyle? Isn't it possible that your family tree traces back to Transylvania?
"Okay, you got it out of me," Schmid said. "You're the first one."

Source: jam.canoe.ca