Kyle's Birthday page

Il messaggio di Kyle ai fans:

To all the fans and people that did so much to make my birthday so
special this year, I'd like to truly thank you from the bottom of my
heart. I received kind words from people all over the world, and have
continued receiving fan mail from countries I never would have
dreamed to touch. Those kind words and letters, are very special to
me and I'd like to thank you so much.
I also received gifts, from people who are much to generous. From candles,
to small pieces of jewelry and wonderful articles of clothing I'd also like to extend a
warm hug to all of you. Thank you so much.
2009, is already half over, and I hope you all look forward to the release
of The Thaw, and Fear Island. I have some wonderful projects that I look forward to
working on this fall. I hope you like those as well.

Thank you all.

Kyle Schmid

la traduzione:

A tutte le fans e la gente che ha fatto così tanto per rendere il compleanno così speciale quest'anno,
voglio veramente ringraziarvi tutti dal profondo del cuore.
Ho ricevuto parole gentili da persone di tutto il mondo, e continuo a ricevere lettere da fans da paesi
che non avrei mai sognato di toccare.
Queste gentili parole e lettere sono veramente speciali per me, e voglio ringraziarvi davvero tanto.
Ho anche ricevuto regali da persone molto generose. Dalle candele, ai piccoli articoli di gioielleria e
meravigliose cose da indossare, vorrei dare un caldo abbraccio a tutti voi.
Grazie mille.
Il 2009 è già passato per metà, spero stiate aspettando l'uscita di The Thaw e Fear Island.
Sto aspettando alcuni bellissimi progetti in cui lavorerò questa primavera.
Spero piaceranno anche a voi.

Grazie a tutti voi.

Kyle Schmid.

Have a wonderful birthday with a big birthday cake!

Dear Kyle
On behalf of all your fans in Poland I would like to wish you a happy 25th birthday!
May your deepest dreams come true.Thank you for what you are doing and what you are.
Anna, Poland

        Happy Birthday Kyle
        from Elisabet, Finnland

        from Jasmin, Berlin

Happy Birthday, Kyle!
I think 25 is a wonderful age. I am so happy to see you keeping busy and doing so well. It was a pleasure to meet you last year,and I think of you fondly and wish you well. (I have your birthday prominently marked on my Kyle Schmid/Blood Ties 2009 calendar! LOL!)
Betsy Barr, USA

Kyle - the very happiest birthday from me and all of your Canadian fans! We hope you have a wonderful day and that next year is filled with only the very best :)
Xandria, Canada

Kyle, happy 25th birthday!!
Have a nice day and the finest celebrations! I wish you a lot of happy and great further century quarters and all the best for your professional and private life!
Cheers Elle,

Happy Birthday Kyle!
Sending a Guiness your way!
Julie, USA

Hey Kyle!
Hope you have a great 25th and get everything that you wanted! I'm turning 14, so, I don't know anything about being an adult =]. But anyways, I hope you have a great birthday!
Brianna - Georgia, USA

Happy birthday and good luck for your entertaining career.
Renate, Siegen - Germany

Have a wonderful day!
That your birthday brings you a lot of happiness!
By Sabina (from Italy) a lot of wishes and kisses.

Happy Birthday, Kyle!
You have a lot of fans out here who love and admire you, and we wish you all the best life has to offer. Have a wonderful day!
*hugs* Kady
Kansas, USA

Happy Birthday
from Yu-ting,
Shantou, China

Happy birthday, Kyle.
Wish you all the best for your future, health, love and real friends.
Diana, Germany

Happy birthday!
With the one who was wanted for possession, to follow you to be the dreams; dare you to carry them out; patience, for you to achieve them; and lot of love, for that to give meaning of everything!
Galina, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Happy Birthday Kyle
Anita, Hungary

с днём рождения - Happy birthday.
Lara, Novosibirsk, Russia

Anna, Poland

Kyle - Best Wishes for the happiest of Birthdays.
Kate/sylvaris - Radcliff, Ky, USA

Cheri, USA xoxo

Congratulations for your birthday Kyle!
Samantha, Berlin, Germany

We wish you happiness, health, luck and love.
Let the sun shine on your head.
Russian fans of Kyle Schmid site in Russia.