Report about Ringcon

Ringcon Day 3
October 2009
by: Anna Kolkowska

It's Sunday, the third day of our wonderful adventure in Bonn. I meet Sabina about 9.30am. Our photos with Kyle are ready. We can pick them up and then go to the line for the autographs session. At the door the Ringcon girl asks us who's autograph we want. We say: Kyle's only. You have to wait she says. What? Why this time?!
There is a long line to him. Wait she answers. I want to laugh out loud. It is very funny now. Kyle is a real star here! I can not be so angry. :-)

  After about 15 minutes we are allowed to enter. The hall is half empty and the crowd is only at Kyle's table. We take our place at the end of the queue. I don't know how long we were waiting. Meanwhile we took some pictures. At last it is our turn. I go first. Kyle anticipates the conversation you are still a yard from him fighting with your autograph coupons and he is already looking towards you saying "hello". He really enjoys meeting his fans! He's asking your name, where are you from etc. While signing he pays attention if your name spelling is correct. And of course he is smiling all the time. It was the first autograph session in my life so I don't know if other artists do the same but I can tell you one thing: when Kyle talks to you he looks straight in your eyes and at that moment nothing else matters...

Oh, it was hard to leave the hall. But we came back just around 1.00pm. Kyle was still there signing autographs! At the end he spent a few minutes with the Ringcon girls signing some pictures for them. Isn't that nice?

Now we can only wait for the Closing Ceremony at 4.00pm to see Kyle again. That was our plan. But as I mentioned in my previous report, life is full of surprises. After lunch we was hanging around, talking and taking pictures. We have met the cast of "Born of Hope" movie. Elisabet saw that film and liked it very much. I regret I did not pay attention for it... It will be available in the Internet in December.

We decided at last to see any other panel than Kyle's so we entered the main hall during the Twilight time (Edi Gathegi, Christian Serratos and Daniel Cudmore). A little bored we decided to wait for the next panel with Craig Parker and Mark Ferguson. In my head I was asking myself "where is Kyle now?"  

The answer came pretty soon. During the Craig and Mark's panel (Lori Dungey was there as well) we saw Kyle entering the audience area. But how could we even imagined that he was going to be on stage soon?
Yes, some of you already know what I am talking about. The improvisations! The first one (with Kyle) was about a weird family. They were expecting the Prince Charming to come for a date with their daughter. The funny part was that the daughter was picked up from the audience and the Prince was... Kyle (from the audience as well)!
Elisabet was sitting not far away from him and she says that Kyle was almost crying his tears of laughter watching Craig, Mark and Lori in action. Next he was asked to join the Kiwi Power members on stage. Audience started to scream and whistle! Why am I not surprised?
But the next improvisation it was a blast! Dance of the tree seduction. Oh my God! There was not only Kyle on stage but Jarl as well. All actors left the scene to change "the costumes". And then Mark started to narrate the story and poor actors had to follow :-)
Kyle was the first tree seduced and chopped down - he fell down on the floor. Please try to find it on youtube because I am not able to describe this crazy performance. I hope they will put it on the official Ringcon 2009 DVD.
Yes, Craig, Mark and Lori are really the team worth coming to the convention!
But now it's time for the Closing Ceremony. Marc.B.Lee calls the guests one after another. Each of them says a few words. Here is what Kyle said: "I would like to thank everybody that you came up. It was a pleasure to meet everybody and I'm really glad you enjoyed the show".
What can I say? Thank you, Kyle and all other guests for the fantastic show!

I did not expect to see Kyle so often and during all the long weekend. But he was there till the end. And even more! The show is over but we are still there in Maritim Hotel. Most of people left the place. The decorations disappeared. But for us the party is not over yet. We all are leaving tomorrow (Monday) so we have our goodbye party tonight. Where? At "Kyle's corner" in the bar of course!
The place is not so crowded this time. But the music is still good. We dance, we order drinks, we take last pictures together. But where is Kyle? Will he come tonight to the bar? I loose my patience around 1.00 am. My flight home is at 7.00am and I ordered the taxi at 5.30. If Kyle does not come in the next 10 minutes I will leave. And you won't believe me (but ask Sabina and Elisabet): Kyle came in. Under his jacket he was wearing a white T-shirt with a few little buttons (something like the blue one on his official photo). And a hat of course.
Like on Friday night he did not dance. He was talking with people and the Ringcon guests. Then I saw him with a bottle of wine or champaign in a hand walking between his friends and filling their glasses up. All Kyle: open and friendly :-) Yes, it was a good occasion to celebrate his success on the convention! I hope he will come next year.
At 3.00am it was my time to go. I waved to Kyle for goodbye and left this magic place.

At 10.00am I was at home. The first thing I did was opening my laptop and uploading my pictures. I don't need to mention that during next two weeks my head was still in Bonn :-) Writing on the KyleSchmidCentral forum, on my blog KyleSchmid-blogpopolsku and now on KyleSchmidWorld let me make a retrospection of all what happened during the Ringcon convention. I have met a few great ladies. We had together a good time. We met Kyle in person. What can I say? "We'll meet again" - next year maybe?

Pictures by Anna