Report about Ringcon

Ringcon Day 1
October 2009
by: Anna Kolkowska

We have been waiting for this event since February 2009. This is when the Fedcon Organization announced that Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal accepted an invitation for Frightcon 2009 in July. Then we learned that Frightcon is cancelled. Huge disappointment. And then Fedcon informed us that Kyle and Dylan will be present on the Ringcon convention in October 2009. It was a long time to wait and a big test of our patience.
And then October arrived!
I was the only Polish fan from our Kyle Schmid community but I was going to meet some girls that I have met on the forum in the virtual world of Kyle Schmid Central. We were supposed to meet at the first event on Friday the 2nd of October – the press conference. 

And we have met all there! Me, Anne, Sabina, Elisabet and Diana. It was great to meet them at last!

Then the press conference started. We could watch displayed on the wall the wallpapers made by fans. There were some German website administrators who spoke about their fansites (The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight) – unfortunately I don't speak German so I did not understand a word.
Then Brigitte (Ringcon press conference organizer) started to invite our guests for the press conference: Lori Dungey, Bruce Hopkins, Edi Gathegi, Kristian Serratos, Kyle Schmid, Craig Parker, Jarl Benzon, Marc Ferguson and Marc B. Lee. To be honest I new only Kyle and Edi – I'm not a fan of The Lord of the Rings (I've seen the movie of course). But on the other hand it helped me to concentrate on Kyle. What was my first impression? He's bigger than I imagined. And really, really handsome :-)
Oh, I forgot to mention that only on Friday we had learned that Dylan was not there. So Kyle had to face the audience in the far Germany all alone. We all crossed our fingers for our boy.
People started do ask questions. Our guests were so funny and had a good time together.
Elisabet asked Kyle what he would like to say to all those fans who were not able to come to Bonn.
Kyle answered that he would like to thank them for their support and loyalty and that he really appreciates it.
I asked Kyle about his screenplays. What they are about and what story he wants to tell us. Actually I did not understand everything because he was talking lower and lower. Seems it is pretty personal for him. He has written two scripts and they are completely opposite. When he has an idea about the story he starts to write and does not stop until he has finished. And he smiled this a little bit ashamed way. Well, I hope we will soon be able to watch his productions!
At the end of the press conference all artists posed to a pictures (you can see it in the Ringcon gallery).

Friday was a very busy day for Kyle and his fans. From 3.15 pm to 4.00 pm he had his Questions and Answers panel then the photo session and then the Opening Ceremony.
I think we were as nervous for him as he was himself. Me and Anne had long lists of questions just in case. But it was a blast! There was so many people in the hall and they wanted to know everything about Kyle. And Kyle warmed up very quickly seeing the audience was very active.
To start Kyle told us about his new projects and plans. Here is what he said:

"I've been working on a couple of things lately. Written a couple of scripts. It's kinda cool. Never thought I could do that. Never know until you try, right? And I am caught in two movies. One that will be shooting next summer called „Exit 102". It's a very cool throw back to seventies. Fast cars, fast women … crazy guys. (smile)
And the other one that actually is ready to start shooting at the end of October and it is called „Four to the Floor", which is great. It's a film about four kids who group in in a project. And there are two black guys, and a Mexican guy, and a white guy. And I'm playing the black guy (smile). No I'm playing a white guy. I got you though.
I'm pacing because I'm a little nervous, so...
The film's about kind of growing up yourself and, you know, facing the fears... I think that's very cool.
It's a lesson that people can learn about growing up. And wanting the best of yourself... and pushing and driving yourself to be something better than what you have, and what you are. I think that's something that everybody should do. You never know until you try. As I never though I was able to write anything".

And then people stared to ask questions: about Blood Ties, if he would like to direct a movie, what kind of characters he likes to play, about his experience in working with David Cronenberg, if he would like to play another vampire (but Henry is so cool – said Kyle), what is his favorite quote from a movie, if he would like to be a zerophiliac for a day, about acting as a sort of therapy, if he has ever refused to play a scene (those last two are mine :-))... and then we started to talk about spiders (there was a big spider as a decoration on the right side of the scene). Kyle confessed that he doesn't like spiders. They scare him. Well, he was not alone with this problem in the hall! The time was up and Kyle had to go for his first photo session.
Just after the panel the "Vampire Diary" episode was scheduled to display but the organizers decided to show the first episode of "Blood Ties"!
We went to take a picture with Kyle (of course). And the queue was so long that we couldn't find the end! And when we were just about to pay our entry the lady from Ringcon said it was over for today! Come tomorrow. Oh, no! It's impossible! But it was true. On the other hand we were really happy that so many people (girls) wanted to take a picture with Kyle.
On the Opening Ceremony we could meet all the guests invited to the convention. Marc B. Lee – Master of Ceremony - presented them all!

And at 9.00 pm the Vampire Party started. Of course we all wanted to meet there our favorite vampire Henry. But the party was not so special for us. People did not dance. The room was crowded and full of smoke. We stayed for a while then went to the bar with the music 80's 90's. There we had a great time!
And then Kyle came in about midnight. He was with Julia (his convention agent), Angelica Mandy (from Harry Potter) and some other people. Kyle did not dance. Just ordered the drinks for his friends at the bar and brought them to "Kyle's corner" (as we called this part of the bar). And we were dancing and having a good time. Marc B.Lee was dancing with us and was joking with everybody.
I finished the party about 2.00 am (I was not staying in Maritim hotel) because the next day Kyle had his second panel of Questions and Answers at 10.30 am! So early for a vampire!

Pictures by Anna