Frightcon se cancela!

Aquí está la declaración oficial de Frightcon acerca de la cancelación::

Dear fans and visitors,

we are very sorry to confirm the rumors of the past days: FrightCon 2009 must be cancelled because of not enough registrations. A convention can only be held with enough pre-registrations a few months before the con, but unfortunately with FrightCon we are far below the minimum. Of course all participants will get their money for the paid convention tickets back. Please write an E-Mail to verwaltung@fedcon.de as soon as possible and send us your full name, your convention number (the number you got with the FrightCon confirmation) and your complete bank account information. You will get a bank transfer within two weeks after we have received your E-Mail with the complete details. This will also be handled with paid hotel rooms in the Maritim Hotel, which were booked by us and paid to us. Registrations after the 7th April 2009 which were not paid will be cancelled. There is no need to contact us. Claims for already paid flight-, train- or other travelling tickets are explicitly excluded. We refer to our common business terms. However, we think the cancellation of the convention is early enough for reversals and changes in bookings.

We have a big surprise for the fans of Blood Ties, especially for the Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal fans, and we hope this surprise will reconcile and suit you. Both will attend our other convention, the Ring*con , which will be held from 2nd to 4th October 2009 in the Maritim Hotel, Bonn. We guarantee not to cancel Ring*Con, the minimum of registration for this convention has been reached for months. In addition, Ring*Con is a reliable event, which has been hold very successfully for nine years. Unfortunately, all the other announced guest of FrightCon can´t come to Ring*Con due to the fact that they don´t suit the theme. (Ring*Con is a fantasy convention) Everyone who has ordered and paid their tickets for FrightCon can change them without extra fee to a ticket for Ring*Con – this is the second part of our surprise. This means that you have paid 59 Euros for your weekend ticket and you will get a Ring*Con ticket in worth 90 Euros. If you have paid 149 Euros for a Gold ticket you will get a Ring*Con Gold ticket for 299 Euros without extra fee! But please note, this offer is only for FrightCon tickets that were already paid. For booked hotel rooms you have to pay the difference, if you wish to keep the rooms. We don´t make the fees for the hotel rooms, they are obliged by the Maritim Hotel. If you wish to alter the booking of the hotel room, please write us an E-Mail as well.
Anybody who will accept our offer to alter the booking to Ring*Con surely won’t regret this. We have planned some surprises especially for the vampire fans, which we are sure will suit you. Stay tuned at www.ringcon.de
Your FrightCon team from FedCon GmbH
Dirk Bartholomä


Por favor póngase en contacto conmigo por correo electrónico si usted no entiende el texto y necesita ayuda con su billete.

More information will follow.