Summary of the Ring*con DVD

The Ring*Con DVD 2009 has been created by Alexander Theodossiadis and his team (www.intexsound.de) and is for many fans and visitors a great souvenir. For people like me who unfortunately missed Ring*con 2009 it is a good chance to witness the convention after the event.

First a few technical details:
Image format: 16:9, soundtrack: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, runtime app. 360 minutes on two DVDs in a souvenir collectors box. Filming, audio and cut have been professionally made and are of excellent quality. Well done!

Here's the menu of the first DVD:

The highlights for a Kyle Schmid fan are of course his two panels. Anne from Kyleschmidcentral is the first person to ask Kyle a question and then there's Anna from Kyle Schmid Blog Po Polsku (Anna is the French and Polish translator of KSW) followed by many other Ring*con attendants, who'd like to know something about Kyle. Kyle answers all the questions in his very own charming way. It's a pity that the complete panels are not on the DVDs. I could have listened to Kyle for much, much longer. ;-)

Kyle can also be seen during the Opening Ceremony, during a short view of the press conference and during the autograph-sessions.
There are further panels of Lori Dungey + Bruce Hopkins, Christian Serratos, Craig Parker, Mark Ferguson, Jarl Benzon, Angelica Mandy, Daniel Cudmore, Matthew Lewis and Edi Gathegi (together with Christian).
As a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan I especially liked (beside Kyle's panels) the ones with actors from these movies.

This is the menu of the second DVD.

In addition there are impressions from the workshops and the talent contest presented by Nessi ( with a beautiful introduction by Lydia). Then you can watch the Kiwi Megapanel/ballet with Kyle's contribution. Here's my advice: Be sure to have Kleenex ready. You might cry with laughter.

The Closing Ceremony finishes the DVD off in a perfect way.

All things considered this is a DVD worth buying. You can order it at: