Reports about Ring*Con:

Anna has written a very interesting report about her Ringcon experience:
Ring*con Day 1
Ring*con Day 2
Ring*con Day 3

Two pictures of the Ring*con press conference:

Don't you love this smile? You will discover many more smiling faces of Kyle in the new Ring*con gallery. Thanks a lot to the photographer Diana for all the wonderful photos.

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RingconRing*con Gallery
Further pictures will follow.

Ring*Con is Europe´s biggest Fantasy Convention, which was held in Bonn from 02nd till 04th October, 2009, for the 8th time.

Some Information about Ring*Con:

The name Ring*Con was chosen for its being an exclusive Convention for Lord of the Rings for many years. Later the Ring*Con was extended to a Fantasy Convention, with the first non-LotR star guests from Pirates of the Caribbean. This year Ring*Con will be expanded further with Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal from the Blood Ties TV series and other star guests from the Twilight and Harry Potter movies.
Note: Dylan couldn't make it because he was busy filming.
What will expect me at Ring*con?:

In a Blood Ties Panel Kyle and Dylan will answer the questions of the fans, they will give autographs and have photo sessions, where you can take a picture with them
The Q&A panels will be held in the huge main hall of the congress centre. The star guest is on stage and you can, if you want, ask your question from the audience via microphone.
The photo sessions, which are a special highlight at Ring*Con, will take place on Friday and Saturday. You can collect your pictures on the following day at the Convention.
Further attractions: There will be discussion, a dealer‘s room, an art show, workshops and not to forget parties and concerts.
  They are planning a vampire party on friday night in the saloon Beethoven! It doesn't matter if you come as vampire, hunter, werewolf or other creature of the night - everybody is welcome!


3-days ticket: 90 Euro
3-days Gold-ticket: 299 Euro (all photos + autographs are included, official t-shirt, lanyard, pin. Seating in the first rows)
Daily tickets:
  • Friday, Oct 2, 2009: 35 Euro
  • Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009: 45 Euro
  • Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009: 40 Euro

Here you can find more information:

Ring*Con 2009 DVD:

The Ring*Con DVD is an absolutely great and unique retrospection for lots of fans and visitors and will evoke the convention-feeling again and again. The DVD is also interesting for fans, who are not able to visit Ring*Con: They can see what happened at Ring*Con, they can see the Ring*Con's star guests on DVD and they can feel the magic of this convention, which offers a little bit of consolation for not being at Ring*Con.

The Ring*Con 2009 DVD will contain:
  • The complete Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • The complete Costume Contest
  • Selections from the so called panels with our star guests on stage
  • Interesting selections from different workshops and lectures
  • Impressions from the autograph sessions
  • Impressions from the press conference
  • Interviews with your favorite guest stars
  • Highlights from the Vampire Dance and the Ring*Con Party
  • Different impressions (fans, costumes, impressions, buildings, fan meetings)
  • And a lot more…

The DVD: Image format: 16:9, soundtrack: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, German subtitles, runtime app. 360 minutes on two DVDs in a souvenir collectors box.

The Ring*Con 2009 DVD will be available in spring 2010.
Price: 19.90 Euros, plus delivery costs (Germany 4 Euro, international 9 - 25 Euro, it depends on your country)
Ring*Con offer: If you pre-order the DVD on Ring*Con 2009 and pay it cash, there will be no delivery costs in Germany. International shipment, regular fee minus 4 Euro). You can also order the DVD later on www.goblinshop.de or www.ringcon.tv

Ringcon Wallpaper:

New: Have a look at all the great Ringcon wallpapers!

The major points on the programm:

  • Fri. 15:15-16:15 (3.15 - 4.15pm) Kyle Schmid & Dylan Neal
  • Fri. 18:30-20:00 (6.30 - 8 pm) Opening Ceremony
  • Fri. starting 21:00 (9pm) Vampire's Dance incl. Bobby Long Concert
  • Sat. 10.30-11.15 (10.30 - 11.15 am) Kyle Schmid
  • Sun. 13:00-13:45 (1 - 1.45 pm)Dylan Neal
  • Sun. 16:30-18:00 (4.30 - 6pm) Closing Ceremony

Ring*con countdown:
Thanks to Anna and Lydia for the pictures.