RingCon - Friday, October 15, 2010 - Press conference

by Nicole Oebel - myFanbase.de

Translation: Jasmin

Brigitte Scherr started the morning press conference with initial hellos; before the celebrity guests took their seats. First event of the day was the presentation of three fan-made trailers about fantasy-movies. Afterwards Stefan Servos, an expert on Tolkien, talked about some problems that appeared at the new movie "The Hobbit": It was planned to shoot the two parts of the film in New Zealand - like "Lord of the Rings". But this time the New Zealand trade unions demand higher salary for the actors and performers.
After his speech, the fan-organized Charity project called "RingCon for Charity" was presented. By the use of auctions and fundraisers money is collected for a sponsored god-child named Canias, and for the Bärenherz Stiftung for seriously ill children and the animal protection society Dachau e.V.

Then, finally, it was time for the twelve celebrity guests, which had already arrived in the Maritim Bonn. "Twilight" fans had to put up with a disappointment first, because Alex Meraz aka werewolf Paul had to cancel at short notice. But Leah Gibson took his place; she has played the role of Nettie (eclipse). She was seated next to Charlie Bewley aka Demetri Volturi and Gil Birmingham aka Billy Black from the "Twilight" saga. From the Canadian vampire series "Blood Ties" the main characters Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal were among the guests, as well as Craig Parker of "Legend of the Seeker". "Lord of the Rings" was represented by Lori Dungey (she played Mrs. Bradegirdle) and Jed Brophy (Sharku / Snaga), for both of them it wasn't the first time at RingCon. Jason Manns, a musician who made a name for himself at various "Supernatural" conventions was also present, as well as the two stunt doubles Dayna Chiplin and Allan Smith of Others "Legend of the Seeker" & "Lord of the Rings". Last but not least: this year's Master of Ceremonies: Mark Ferguson.

The warmest welcome was given to Craig Parker, Charlie Bewley and the "Blood Ties" cast members. Craig Parker didn't attend this convention for the first time, he is the darling of the audience, same as Kyle Schmid, who was at the RingCon for the second time. Charlie Bewley and Dylan Neal experienced the fantasy convention for the very first time. Dylan Neal didn't let any opportunity slip that it was Kyle's fault that he (Dylan) had been dragged halfway around the world. That Dylan is such a witty person in real life was the biggest surprise of this press conference to me. I only knew him for serious roles such as Doug Witter from "Dawson's Creek" and Mike Celucci from "Blood Ties". In reality he obviously can't stay serious when he is the centre of attention and makes fun of every answer he gives. In his very own deadpan humor he claimed that Kyle's mom asked him to take care of Kyle, because he had already made enough women to mothers. The hype about "Blood Ties" has been cooled down for four years and Kyle should get over it instead of bathing in the fame and glory of his character, vampire Henry Fitzroy.

The mood became funnier and so more questions were addressed to Dylan Neal, who took the mickey out of every question/answer. He although made clear that he was hurt by the questions that reminded him of having landed only minor guest roles and appearances in a few good films. As a result of the Conference he would need to store the phone number of his psychiatrist for quick dialling. There was one question though he took seriously; it was the usual question of who of the male celebrities had to kiss a guy on telly. As a father of a family Dylan Neal was not too happy to be reminded of it but he made clear, that his kissing partner Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) kisses better than some female actresses.

But Charlie Bewley and Craig Parker had as well loads of fun with the question if it is funnier to play the bad guy. They agreed that the bad guy is always cool. He needs to please no one and gets to wear the coolest outfits. When the actors were asked about their favourite character Craig Parker answered spontaneously: to be a guest at the RingCon!

Photos by KyleSchmidworld.com

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