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2010 Exit 102
Bobby Pre-produktion
2009 Four to Flour
Director Rotimi Rainwater
XL In Production
2009 Strife
Director Omid Shabkhiz
Lorenzo Pre-production
2009 Gravy Train Director April Mullen Lance Dancaster Post-production
2008 Smallville (TV)(8x07, "Identity") Sebastian Kane Aired on October 30,2008

Pictures in the Gallery
2008 The Thaw
aka Frozen

Director Mark A.Lewis
Frederico Fulce In the USA: DVD on Oct. 6
In Europe on Oct. 22 as Frozen-Etwas hat überlebt
2008 Fear Island
aka Deep Cove
aka Dead End

Director: Michael Storey
Tyler Filmed in Spring 2008

Oct 15
CSI: Miami (TV)
(6x04, "Bang, Bang, Your Debt")
Andrew Hillman
2007 Joyride 2
aka Roadkill 2*:

End of the Road

Director: Louis Morneau

(* in Australia, Ireland and UK)
Nik Pictures in the Gallery

DVD available
At Amazon.com here
2007  Blood Ties (TV)
(1x01 - 1x22)

Read more about it at Blood Ties
Pictures in the Gallery

DVD available as (UK) season box set -
New release date for the US DVD (Season 1) is June 2, 2009 .
2006 Death Row aka
Haunted Prison (TV)

Director: Kevin VanHook
Keith DVD available
at Amazon.com
2006 The Covenant

Director: Renny Harlin
Aaron Abbot

DVD available here

2005 Zerophilia

Director: Martin Curland
Max DVD available

You can get it at Amazon.com here

Zerophilia has won several awards at festivals.

The official website of Zerophilia
2005 Cyber Seduction:
His Secret Life (TV)

Director: Tom McLoughlin
Bobby Jordan You can watch clips of the movie here:
Cyber Seduction

2005 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Director: Ken Kwapis
Paul Rodman DVD available
You can get it at Amazon.com here

The official website of Sisterhood of the traveling pants.
2005 A History of Violence
(with Viggo Mortensen)

Regisseur: David Cronenberg
Bobby DVD available
You can get it at Amazon.com here
2005 The Pacifier
(with Vin Diesel)

Director: Adam Shankman
Scott DVD available
You can get it at Amazon.com here
 Aug 8 -
 Sep 26
Beautiful People (TV)

1x01, "Pilot"
1x02, ""Point and Shoot""
1x03, "Reload"
1x06, "F-Stop"
1x07, "Blow Up"
1x08, "Photo Finish"
Evan Frasier DVD available: Season One Box Set

At Amazon.com here
Aug 07
Missing 1-800
(3x07, #43, "Last Night")
Xavier Redman
Mar 19
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
(3x12, #38, "Past")
Blake Holsey
2003 Sex and the Single Mom (TV)

Director: Don McBrearty
Chad DVD available
You find a list of sellers here
2003 Cheetah Girls(TV)

Director: Oz Scott
DVD available
You can get it at Amazon.com here
2003 Fast Food High

Director: Nisha Ganatra
Odyssey 5 (TV)

1x16, "Vanishing Point"
1x17, "Follow the Leader"
Zack Ambrose, comatose DVD available
2001 What Girls Learn

Director: Lee Rose
Jamie Sanders DVD available at:
 Nov. 18
Degrassi: The Next Generation
(1x05, "Parent's Day")
NAK reporter DVD available: Season One Box Set
The official website of Degrassi
 Mar 12
The Zack Files
(1x23, "Gone")
Jason DVD available:  Season One Box Set
2000 Sandy Bottom Orchestra (TV)

Director: Bradley Wigor
Scott Miller, cellist DVD available

In 2001 he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for "Best performance in a TV Movie-Supporting Young Actor" for his performance as Scott Miller.
2000 Alley Cats Strike (TV)

Director: Rod Daniel
Alex Thompson
1999 I was a sixth Grade Alien(TV)

1x04, "They Saved Grandpa's Brain"
1x10, "Alien Time Warp Madness"
1x19, "The Return of Captain Driscoll"
Jordan Lynch
1996 Spill aka
Acid Death aka

Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Sick Boy DVD available
Sources: IMBD, KyleSchmidCentral.com
Credits go to Nancy A. Taylor (Knightwatchman) for the pictures of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, Sandy Bottom Orchestra, What girls learn, Fast Food High und Spill.

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Nik in Joyride 2
Deep Cove
CSI Miami
Blood Ties
Death row
The covenant
Cyber Seduction
Sisterhood of the travelling pants
History of violence
Beautiful people
Strange days at black hosley high
Sex and the single mom
Cheetah girls
Fast food high
Alley Cats strike
Sandy Bottom orchestra
Alley Cats strike