RingCon - Sunday, October 17, 2010 - Blood ties panel

by Nicole Oebel - myFanbase.de

Translation: Jasmin

For the second "Blood Ties" panel there were not only the two leading actors Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal on stage, but they were accompanied by Tanya Huff, the creator and writer of the "Blood ties" books that the series was based on.

The actors themselves were looking forward to the presence of the Canadian author and so Dylan Neal was taking the things a bit more serious than he did on the Friday panel. He continued asking her questions so that she became really talkative. We were told, that when she became a full-time writer it was hard for her to stay concentrated on writing for eight hours each day. She claimed her house had never been as clean as at this time, what made her really likeable. We all know this urge to clean the apartment when we have something more important to do.

She didn't have much impact on the whole process from the book to the series, but she considered herself lucky that she could be on the set and in the production as creative consultant, as the Canadian production company Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc. let her be way more involved than it is usually done. Dylan Neal also confirmed that the studios after buying the rights for the film usually set the tone. Tanya made clear that the book series is "her baby", but the TV series is the showrunners Peter Mohan's "baby". On the casting Tanya had no influence, but she emphasised how pleased she was with the result. The Mike Celucci character of the book wasn't easy to transform into a tv-series character so Dylan Neal's role wasn't adapted one-to-one which actually was a benefit for the TV series. She didn't have a picture in mind regarding the vampire Henry Fitzroy, Tanya said, but after seeing Kyle in the role even in her imagination Henry became exactly like Kyle. Kyle was really happy about this amazing compliment though he didn't want to show it.

Tanya said that the only 21-year-old Kyle did not only have to play a centuries-old vampire but also the son of King Henry VIII. This dignity of a 450-year-old king's son was brought to life by Kyle in the audition in the monolog, when Henry told Vicky about his family and who he is. When Tanya saw this, she knew that Kyle was right for the part. A fan asked if Kyle and Dylan could imagine to play the role of the other one. Dylan said quite clearly that he would not be as convincing as Kyle. Just because he doesn't have this natural sex appeal that Kyle has. The sexual attraction between Henry and Vicki was really important. Kyle was returning the compliment in a similar way by declaring that no one would have embodied the police officer, who is Vicki's firm rock, as convincing as Dylan.

The next section contains spoilers for the "Blood" books!

Henry or Mike: again they were asked who would have been Vicki's final decision. In the last volume of the book series "Blood debt" (1997) Vicki is with Mike. But Dylan Neal pointed out that the TV-station would have preferred a happy ending for the vampire. Tanya also revealed that she is writing short stories to continue Vicki's story. Henry and Mike decided together to turn Vicki into a vampire after she got fatally wounded. Meanwhile she thinks of letting Mike die and let Vicki exist further on as a vampire. A fan asked if there is a chance "Blood Ties" could be continued on telly, Tanya made clear that there is none.

The three were also asked who they would be played by in a biopic. Dylan said that he thinks of Kyle, because he has children and had to change loads of diapers in his life, Kyle would make a tremendously interesting film about "poop." Mark Ferguson, the Master of Ceremonies had to complain about Dylans obscene language as Dylan had used the word "poop" in this conversation about 17 times. Kyle, however, had no idea who could play him because he thought that the actors in biopics would naturally be younger, and he wouldn't know that many six year old actors. Tanya Huff said: "I want Michelle Pfeiffer," which made Kyle realise, so does he.

This panel ended far too quickly and it is a joy that we all heard Kyle Schmid's good-bye in the Closing Ceremony: "See you in 2011!"

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