Blood Ties

Mike, Vicky und Henry


  • Christina Cox --- Vicki Nelson
  • Kyle Schmid --- Henry Fitzroy
  • Dylan Neal --- Mike Celluci
  • Keith Dallas --- Dave Graham
  • Gina Holden --- Coreen Fennel
  • Nimet Kanji --- Dr. Mohadevan
  • Francoise Yip --- Kate

Based on Tanya Huff’s novels – the Blood series – Blood Ties is a one-hour crime drama series, following the misadventures of Vicki Nelson, an attractive, 29 year old ex-cop turned private investigator with a degenerative eye disorder, who seems destined to sit on the sidelines until fate intervenes, turning her life upside down.
After witnessing a terrifying murder, Vickie finds herself on a collision course with a stranger – Henry Fitzroy – who is also investigating the murder. Henry just happens to be a vampire and the bastard son of Henry VIII.
This unlikely pair forms more than just a crime-solving partnership that complicates Vicki’s long-term love affair with ex-crime partner and boyfriend Mike Celluci… it sends Vicki into a dark underworld where fantasy meets reality, violence and passion make strange bedfellows, and the lines between good and evil are just a little blurred...
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Episode 1: Blood price, part 1
Blood price 01
Nelson, finds herself in a whole new world after she witnesses a bizarre murder and the victim's girlfriend, Coreen, seeks Vicki's help believing supernatural forces are involved. Now Vicki finds herself face-to-face with a sexy mystery man-who also happens to be a 480-year-old vampire! 

Episode 2: Bloodprice 2
Blood price 02
Despite her skepticism, Vicki teams up with Henry in their search for the killer, but things heat up between the two complicating the investigation-and leaves Vicki's ex-partner slash lover Mike Celucci less than thrilled. Meanwhile, Vicki agrees to take on Coreen as her new assistant.

Episode 3: Bad Juju
Bad Juju
Vicki is hired by a woman desperately seeking her missing brother, but as her investigation continues and things turn deadly, she runs into roadblocks that lead her to seek Henry's help once again. Henry warns Vicki that zombies and voodoo are involved, but even that won't stop her from cracking the case! 

Episode 4: Gifted
When a young girl is left alone following her mother's death, Vicki is hired to track down her estranged dad. But Vicki soon discovers the girl has special powers that are far from what's considered a "gift." Meanwhile, Vicki is torn between her partnership with Henry and her relationship with Mike.

Episode 5: Deadly Departed
Deadley Departed
Vicki's latest case has her investigating the brutal murder of a defense attorney. As Vicki attempts to stop the ghost from killing even more people, she learns her connection to the supernatural world is deeper than she thought and is forced to consider that the murders may be motivated by revenge… from beyond the grave. Mike confronts Vicki about Henry's true identity.

Episode 6: Love Hurts
Love hurts
Vicki is hired by a suspicious husband to prove his wife is being unfaithful but when his wife turns up dead, all fingers point to him. Believing her client is innocent; Vicki searches for the truth and finds herself amidst an enclave or wealthy, bored housewives who might have been slaking their hungers with something exciting… and evil.

Episode 7: Heart of Ice
Heart of ice
When several of the city's homeless go missing, Vicki is enlisted to get to the bottom of it, and her investigation leads her to a mythical spirit. Meanwhile, Mike is approached by a mysterious Vampire Hunter – Javier - who links Henry to a string of serial killings spanning hundreds of years and cautions that Vicki is Henry’s next victim.

Episode 8: Heart of Fire
Heart of fire
When Henry falls into the hands of Javier, the Vampire Hunter, Mike must put aside his jealousy and help Vicki save Henry. Coreen searches for information on how to save Henry. When the team uncovers the disturbing truth about Javier they find themselves in a race against time to save Henrys life before Javier fulfills his vengeance against him.

Episode 9: Stone Cold
Vicki's latest case puts her on the hunt for a young missing male model (Brendan Lanford), but when it becomes a police matter, Mike gets involved. Vicki and Henry begin to believe that Brendan may have been the victim of a modern day "Medusa". What’s more troubling is the next target may turn out to be Mike Celluci.

Episode 10: Necrodome
When a corpse mysteriously goes missing, Vicki is called in to locate the body. As Vicki and Henry investigate they discover that a number of other bodies have disappeared and are being revived and used in a bizarre blood sport. Vicki and the team must find the person behind the pharaoh magic in order to help the dead rest in peace.

Episode 11: Post Partum
An expectant father (Mitch Lafoy) hires Vicki when he believes his pregnant wife, is being brainwashed and held hostage by a cult under the guise of a fertility clinic. As Vicki and Mike go undercover to investigate they find that the clinics procedures involve high unconventional techniques; and the offspring of women who visit the clinic are anything but normal…

Episode 12: Norman
Vicki fears for her life after a visit from a psychic reveals her imminent death at the base of a pentagram. The city also sees a relapse of the demon killings, similar to the ones that occurred when Vicki first encountered Astrof and the supernatural world.

Episode 13: D.O.A.
Vicki has a new client – Paul “Dirty” Deeds – an unorthodox cop from her past. What puts this case firmly into Vicki’s world is that Paul wants her to investigate a murder – his own! As Vicki and Paul, a ghost, investigate they realize that the case may be more complicated than first imagined – Paul might not even really be dead.

Episode 14: Wild Blood
After a homeowner is brutally murdered in the middle of a burglary Mike is certain that the young woman Felicia Bannock he’s arrested for the crime is guilty. The only problem is that there is seemingly no physical way that she could have inflicted the wounds that killed the victim. Mike enlists the help of Vick and Henry to discover the woman’s true nature and what they find out will be a surprise to them all.

Episode 15: 5:55
Vicki’s latest case finds her hired by an Antique Dealer (Mr. Keller) to find a rare artifact. When Vicki and Henry team up to locate it they suddenly find themselves up against a number of dangerous people, all vying for the same object.  What’s more – nobody but Vicki seems to be aware that mystical object has a deadly nature of its own.

Episode 16: Bugged
Vicki is enlisted by Coreen to investigate a series of deaths at a local Goth club of Coreens friend Lexia . What at first seems to be innocent enough – deaths caused by swarms of bugs – soon turns to murder – maybe even by a demonic murderer. Henry is dealing with the realization that another Vampire seems to be hunting in his territory…and endangering the life that he has created.

Episode 17: The Devil You Know
Henry discovers the identity of the Vampire who has been hunting in his territory and threatening the life he has created there. She is Christina, the vampire from Henry’s past who turned him into a Vampire 480 years ago. Christina is back, and with a problem that she seeks to involve Henry in. It’s all that Vicki can do to try and save him.

Episode 18: Drawn and Quartered
When an artist friend of Henrys is accused of her lover’s murder, Vicki is called in to find the true murderer. Vicki finds herself dragged into the work of fine art – and the eccentric and effected characters that populate it. Vicki discovers that the victim may have fallen afoul of a curse from beyond the grave – one that is determined to take more victims.

Episode 19: Wrapped
An Incan Mummy’s resting place is disturbed when he is inadvertently brought back to life. To maintain his unnatural life the mummy must steal the life force from unsuspecting humans and the life force that he is most hungry for is the of Henry Fitzroy. Vicki finds herself driven to extremes to save him. 

Episode 20: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
When a serial killer (Charles Perkins) that Vicki and Mike put away several years ago calls her, he has a desperate message. He’s realized that he didn’t commit the crimes he was convicted of and is having psychic visions of the murders starting again. Vicki, Henry and Mike begin to realize that there might be some truth in what he is saying, and the whole truth might be stranger then they could have imagined.

Episode 21: We'll Meet Again
Vicki is hired by a boy Lee who wants to find his soul-mate, a woman he’s been reincarnated to find and be with in every generation. As she investigates, Vicki begins to question the sanity of the young man who hired her, and as the investigation progresses, she begins to question her own.

Episode 22: Deep Dark
This is (unfortunately) the last episode of the season:
Coreen visites her psychic to help Vicki with her love life. She lefts possessed by Astaroth, Vicki's nemesis since the pilot. He still wants Vicki.
In the meantime, Mike is working on a high-profile case involving a missing child besides dealing with increasing pressure from his boss to sever ties from Vicki. He disregards his instructions to work on the police case in order to help Coreen.
The group finds Asteroff making a scene at a strip club and brings him back to Henry's apartment. He is confined to the bed while Henry and Vicki seek a priest with experience in demon possession.  The group thinks they have the situation under control but Astaroth throws them a curve ball; he's removed Coreen's heart. If they remove him from her body, she will die....