Name:Kyle Andreas Schmid
Birthday: August 3, 1984
Born in:Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada
Height:5' 10" - 1.78 m
Sport:Soccer, swimming, horseback riding, snowboarding, mountain biking and sky diving.

Already starting from earliest youth Kyle was active in the film industry. He had his first role in 1996 in the eco-thriller "Spill". He played a sick boy, who is left alone in the wilderness.
In 2000 Kyle got his first major role in the Disney movie Alley Cats Strike, for which he beat out 400 other competitors for the lead role.
In the following years he did a lot of other movies like f.ex. "The Sandy Bottom Orchestra", "Cheetah Girls", "A History of Violence", "Zerophilia" or Tv series like "Beautiful people", where he played Evan Frasier.

With his impressive performance as vampire Henry Fitzroy in the tv series "Blood Ties" Kyle won new fans all over the world.

Shortly we can expect to see his new movies "Fear Island" and "The Thaw".


  • He has a dog called "Cali".
  • He lives in Los Angeles.
  • For his performance in "Sandy Bottom Orchestra" he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for "Best performance in a TV Movie - Supporting Young Actor".
  • His dream co-star is Angelina Jolie.
  • His acting hero is Johnny Depp.
  • He began playing soccer when he was four years old, and continued playing on organized teams for the next 18 years.
  • Kyle just recently become part as a founding member of a charity called "Love Cures Cancer" to fundraise for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
  • He loves to travel.
  • Kyle has always been interested in the entire filmmaking process and would love to produce movies.
Facts from the interview from C.-J. Kaller in the TV Serien Highlights magazine, Feb. 2009:

  • Kyle's favourite Blood Ties set outfit was Henry's jacket. He thinks the jewellery was giving him a touch of being much older.
  • While he was filming Blood Ties Kyle often tried to work out at a gym, but that wasn't easy with a 15 hours working day.
  • In Kyle's opinion it would have been a good part for Blood Ties to get more information about the main characters past.
  • His biggest challenge in playing Henry was the mixture of inner deep confidence out of hundred years of experiences, reclusion and tragic, eyes that have seen everything from pest to world wars, and still being a charming and charismatic person.
  • So far there only have been positive reactions from fans for his part as Henry Fitzroy. He said, some people have had constructive reviews, but no really bad animadversion.
  • Kyle was very close to the panther of episode 14. There only were about 6 cm (2,4 inches) between him and its growling mouth.
  • Kyle was asked for his strangest job until now. He replied that it was Joyride 2. That was really strange in his opinion.
  • What did Kyle learn for life so far? He said you should never get upset with peanuts, it doesn't matter if you look at the whole thing.

Pictures and text: Webmaster RR

Alley Cats Strike
Sandy Bottom Orchestra
Derek in Cheetah Girls
Max in Zerophilia
Evan in Beautiful People
Henry in Blood Ties
Joyride 2