Interview from Teen Scene 2009, Jan. 2009

Kyle Schmid: From Blood Ties to Deep Cove
by Anna Wilczek

Being a teenager can be hard at the best of times, but the pressures of growing up and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life can be especially daunting. In a world where so many celebrities (Christina Aguilera, the Jonas Brothers and the Olsen twins to name a few) seem to know what they want from their careers at a very early age, it can be almost intimidating to think about your future. It is therefore refreshing to know that, like many of us, Blood Ties star Kyle Schmid didn’t make up his mind straight away: “I never really had the desire to be an actor as a kid. When you're young I think it's one of those professions that seems so mysterious and out of reach. I started acting when I was about 12, but the desire to be a true or 'real' actor happened as my career started escalating and I realized there was nothing else I could see myself doing.

Having already starred in the cult television program Blood Ties for two seasons (a role which he credits to be one of the hardest yet most exciting roles of his career), and with guest roles in CSI: Miami and Smallville, Kyle is now beginning to take on the new challenge of leading man in the upcoming film Deep Cove in which a group of friends become secluded on an island with a psychopathic killer. The cast of the film consists of a group of other young up and coming actors and actresses (including Hayley Duff who featured in last month’s Movie Box) and Kyle says that the camaraderie on set also translated off screen, with everyone remaining friends after filming ended. The shoot certainly sounds like it was an interesting one, as Kyle recalls a prank that he played during a certain scene in the movie: “I'm a firm believer in having fun, and we definitely accomplished that...I took a fart machine into an intimate bedroom scene. That got a great reaction.” Despite his playful side, he comments that his love of acting comes from its therapeutic nature, and has no desire to simply become yet another young celebrity actor on the cover of magazines like Us Weekly when he could be working on other movie projects.

Kyle’s fans will be happy to know that the actor plans to spend the next year focusing on his film career, which he says he prefers to working in television purely because of the variety of characters available, which is what appealed to him about his role in Deep Cove: “I love characters that have an arc throughout a story. That’s what drew me to Tyler…not to mention shooting in beautiful BC for a month, which is always fun.” In addition to Deep Cove he has just finished shooting The Thaw, a sci-fi horror due to be released in the US later this year and has plans to develop and produce not one, but two television shows in the near future. As if that wasn’t enough, Kyle also hopes to direct and eventually travel to London to work in theatre. Pretty impressive stuff for someone who wasn’t even sure if he wanted to work in the acting business!

Quelle: Teen Scene