Report about Ringcon

Ringcon Day 2
October 2009
by: Anna Kolkowska

So I left the party very early in the morning. I went to my hotel to get some sleep. But I couldn't sleep – too much excitement, too much happiness. And I was thinking about Kyle's next panel and the photo session and...
I met girls in the lobby and then we went to see Kyle.
Kyle got onto the stage with the huge ovation! He started the "show" and I realized that he was relaxed and in a very good mood. I had an impression of watching someone else than yesterday.
How did he do that? Yesterday I left the bar at 2.00 and he was still there.

This time Kyle did not need to warm up, he was ready for the show. From the beginning he was the master of the audience! He started to talk with people and then the first questions were asked. About Ringcon: what he was told about it and if there was anything he did not like so far. Kyle was told that Ringcon was a fan festival and so far everything they told him about it was true.
If he was tempted by a long vampire's life? Kyle started to answer when on the big screen we could watch the fans' wallpapers. Audience became hysterical and Kyle completely forgot what was the question. He spoke about the fangs that sometimes he is missing and when he said with lisping "I want to ssshhhuck your blooth" the audience exploded with laughter. Then Kyle reminded us the story when he drew blood from Dylan while shooting the 8th episode of Blood Ties. "I took a little bit too far" - he confessed. Here Kyle mentioned that Dylan is a very nice guy and he wished he were here. So sweet he mentioned his missing colleague.
Next question was about History of Violence and then he was asked again to take his hat of. But he did not want to. What a stubborn boy!
Which character of the Lord of the Rings he likes the best? Here there was a very funny interaction with the audience about Vigo Mortensen, Legolas, Orlando Bloom and Elf. At the end Kyle decided that the horse was the best.
  People who did not know Kyle before and have not seen Blood Ties yet asked about the series and if it has been aired currently in Germany. One of the fans asked Kyle to sing Happy Birthday to her friend Christin. Of course the audience wanted it as well. Here Kyle told us a history about his first Bon Jovy concert. His mom is teasing him that he is an illegitimate son of John Bon Jovy – she is a big fan of this group. And Kyle sang Happy Birthday – you can see it on youtube.

Next question was if Kyle has read Blood Books. And he admitted that usually he lied about it. No, he did not read the Blood Books. As Tanya Huff liked very much his audition tapes and then his performance in the series he thinks that reading the books would have an influence in his way of portraying Henry.
At that moment we see on the big screen the picture where Henry says: "The biggest European blood bank opens soon" and Vicki says: "What are you talking about, Henry"? 

Kyle with woman's voice: "What are you talking about, Henry"? And with vampire's voice: "I'm hungry"! Then with very sexy, low voice: "I'm hungry, wrrrr". Wow! Kyle the tiger!
Next question provokes even more laughter. In the books Vicki decides to stay with Mike. If the show continues do you think Vicki should stay with Henry? "Of course. Are you kidding me?" - answers Kyle without hesitation. At that time we can see shirtless Kyle's pic from Zerophila. It's almost an ecstasy at the audience. "You looked good there and you still look good now" - adds the fan. "Thank you" says Kyle ashamed and laughs out laud with the audience.
What did Kyle feel during the long photo session last evening? Was it boring to smile all the time? "My cheeks hurt... I was happy. I'm happy everybody showed up. Blood Ties is something I shot three years ago. And the fact that people come here to see me, have being interested, and asking some questions about it and taking photos with me... It's nice".
"It was nice for us too. Thank you" - adds the fan. The audience explodes again with ovation. The atmosphere is more and more cool, Kyle is flirting with the audience.
Then there is a question: Henry can manipulate humans minds. What you, Kyle, would suggest to a girl if you had this possibility?
"What would I suggest... to a girl..."? Kyle starts to laugh. The audience tried to help him...
"There are so many things... I don't think I can say that in public".
Hey, girl, that was a very risky question!
Next questions are about his movies, did he watch them all, which one is his favorite.
As the girl makes a mistake in her English, Kyle is so nice that he starts talking about all those people here trying to speak English. He does not speak German and he appreciates our efforts very much. He says a few words in French and Spanish. Very useful sentence in Spanish is "dos cervezas por favor".
Then they talk about The Thaw. "I hated you in this movie! You were a big asshole!" - says the girl. Kyle admits he plays an asshole in History of Violence, in The Thaw and in Fear Island as well.
"Yeah, I'm an asshole"!

Elisabet asked Kyle about his dream role. Kyle thinks that Blood Ties was great. He played bad guy, good guy, had some emotional scenes. That sort of characters are great to play.
Christin's friend asked Kyle if she could take him home. Hmm. What will be Kyle's answer?
"No, you can't take me home. But you can save a special little place in your hearts".
The smoke goes out of the machine standing in the front of the stage.
Kyle does not know what it means. But it means: TIME IS UP!
(you can watch this moment on the video I posted on youtube "Kyle Schmid Ringcon Champion")
Yes, time is up but this last sentence is so true. We all have a special little place in our hearts for you, Kyle! A long standing ovation finishes this panel of Questions and Answers.

But the day has just started!
As we did not get yesterday at the photo session we were determined to get there today. It was scheduled at 6.30pm. But meanwhile just after the panel Q&A Kyle had his autographs session between 2.00pm and 5pm. No problem – lots of time – you can say. So we thought. But life is full of surprises. And not only those nice ones... Me and Sabina took our places in the line, a long line. Fans were entering the Beethoven Hall accordingly to their ticket numbers: 0-200, 201-400, 401-600... After an hour of waiting we were informed that our numbers (above 600) can enter only tomorrow! No! Again the same story of "come tomorrow"? We were really mad! What is going on? But there was nothing to do. So we had time till 6.30. OK, time to see something more than Kyle on Ringcon. I took some pictures with all those incredible fans in their beautiful costumes. We visited stands full of books, clothes, magic objects etc.
Just about 5.00pm we came back close to Beethoven Hall to catch Kyle leaving the autographs session. And it was a good decision. He was one of the last guests leaving the place (I could take a couple of photos). Yes, the line to him was veeeeery long. So I was hoping the next day the line would be shorter. So it means more time for a little chat.
But now let's go upstairs to take our places in the line for our pictures with Kyle. This time we won't let go. Yes.
The line was long. We gathered together and even more in numbers: Shannara, her friend and Renate joined us as well. And we had this great idea to take a group picture. The Ringcon lady was OK with that although we had to pay extra for it.
But we were so happy that this time we did not miss our session and at last we could be so close to Kyle and have a picture. Kyle was very patient with us and was smiling all the time. No wonder, eight crazy ladies changing pose and running around him!
Our photos were supposed to be ready next day in the morning. Right in time for our autographs session. If nothing happens of course.
Very tired and hungry but happy we went to hunt something for dinner. 

Kyle and Anna

OK. One hour of sleep last night started to ring in my head. Enough for today. No party tonight. Get some sleep, girl. Tomorrow Kyle starts the day at 10.00am! You should be there as well if you want to have your autograph!
Good night everybody. Time to bed. Tomorrow is next day of convention.

Pictures by Anna